To all who enter here. Please keep in mind that we are well intended nice people who enjoy the hobby of  games (mostly video games).  Here we will keep an account of the experiences as we devour games that we come across each month. We will also make voice recordings because we find it a more effective way of re-counting the experience.  A big shout-out to TAG Media for hosting our podcast.  We hope you enjoy our opinions and feel free to share your thoughts.

Here is a list of our favorites:


Vye-Guy’s favorites

  • Mobile Game: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
  • Non-mobile Game: FFVI
  • Game Franchise: Final Fantasy
  • T.V. Series: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Video Game Movie: The Wizard
  • Video Game Genre: RPGs


Stoo’s favorites 

  • Mobile Game: Qonqr
  • Non-mobile Game: Fallout 3
  • Game Franchise: Resident Evil
  • T.V. Series: Game of Thrones 
  • Video Game Movie: Halo Legends
  • Video Game Genre: Action RPGs
DerEin’s favorites
  • Mobile Game: N/A
  • Non-mobile Game:World of Tanks (for the time being) 
  • Game Franchise: Mass Effect
  • T.V. Series: Fullmetal, 7 samurai, stuff
  • Video Game Movie: Uwe Bol is a god.
  • Video Game Genre: FPS or RTS.  
GTR Prime’s  favorites
  • Mobile Game: Song Pop 
  • Non-mobile Game: Mechwarrior Online
  • Game Franchise: Dead Space
  • T.V. Series: Star Trek, Arrested Development
  • Video Game Movie: The Last Starfighter
  • Video Game Genre:  Action Adventure/ R.T.S.
Harasactul’s  favorites
  • Mobile Game: Angry Birds
  • Non-mobile Game: Battlefield 3
  • Game Franchise: Battlefield and Elder Scrolls
  • T.V. Series: Mythbusters
  • Video Game Movie: Super Mario Brothers
  • Video Game Genre:  FPS Action
Jasper Jon “Coach” favs
  • Mobile Game: N/A
  • Non-mobile Game: Theft: deadly shadows
  • Game Franchise: Halo
  • T.V. Series: Mad Men
  • Video Game Movie: Final Fantasy: Advent children
  • Video Game Genre: FPRs 

“bringing funny to the masses”

MERR’s favs 

  • Mobile Game: Tiger Woods PSP
  • Non-mobile Game: Skyrim
  • Game Franchise: Zelda
  • T.V. Series: Mr. Show
  • Video Game Movie: Silent Hill
  • Video Game Genre: FPRs, RPGs 

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